C. P. "Roy" Goree

Scottsdale, AZ


Once I caught the travel bug, I knew that it would be with me for life! I was born in Alabama, and after attending Georgia Tech, I moved to London where I worked for three years. My company then sent me to Arizona to expand the business, and I soon began traveling back and forth for years to come. I started working for and eventually owning multiple businesses, and this required a lot of traveling between states and countries. These flights needed to be prepared efficiently and quickly, and I soon became a firsthand expert on preparing the perfect itinerary. I eventually had more time to explore the world, and I decided that I wanted to fully invest myself into the world of travel and adventure. I opened my first travel agency 30 years ago, and today, it’s better than ever! As the owner, I ensure that each client gets their dream itinerary and has complete satisfaction at every stage of the journey. From the moment you imagine your trip, we focus on providing options that fit your desires so you get a customized vacation that’s unlike anything else. We take the stress and uncertainty out of booking so you get what you want without hassle. I have been to numerous international conferences where I was then able to explore the surrounding areas. I have firsthand professional experience in many worldwide destinations including: Austria China Germany Ireland and the UK Israel and Jordan Vietnam Turkey South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia Cambodia And more! I have also booked and enjoyed many luxury cruises in various locations. Some popular lines include the Paul Gauguin Cruise around the Tahitian Islands, Mediterranean Sea cruises, Baltic cruises, plus more around Asia and the Caribbean. I find that cruises are a fantastic way to travel since you unpack once, relax, and see many new destinations without changing rooms. I love being in the world of travel, and I’m always finding new ways of innovating the booking process and making all aspects of travel better. I want to help make your next vacation a dream come true. Talk with me today to get started!

Destination Expert:

  • South Africa
  • England
  • Israel
  • Scotland
  • Turkey

Travel Specialist:

  • Golf
  • Scuba

Top Travel Partners:

  • Crystal Cruises

Industry Affiliations:

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